Low The Invisible Way (Prod. By Jeff Tweedy) Details & Play Nice Places EP Download

Minnesota’s Low have produced a pretty indispensable body of work over the past two decades — they’re probably the face of the “slowcore” movement, although their music has grown far beyond the limitations implied by that tag. I can’t think of a single inessential album in their catalog — their last, 2011’s C’Mon was a career highlight, IMO — and I’m more than a little excited to hear they have a new one on the way, and definitely intrigued to hear that it’s produced by Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy. The band’s 10th album will be titled The Invisible Way, produced by Tweedy and recorded in Wilco’s Chicago studio. You can check out a trailer for the album below, which contains just enough music to make me think this thing’s gonna sound amazing. The band is also releasing a six-song live set called Low — Plays Nice Places, featuring five Low classics (including a version of “Words” featuring Ben Gibbard) and one new song, “Waiting,” all recorded on the band’s 2012 tour supporting Death Cab. Check out the trailer and stream/download the EP below.

Low Plays Nice Places tracklisting:
1 “Words” (Featuring Benjamin Gibbard of Death Cab For Cutie)
2 “Waiting”
3 “Sunflowers”
4 “Witches”
5 “Pissing”
6 “Murderer”

The Invisible Way is out 3/13 via Sub Pop.

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