Bloc Party, Dum Dum Girls @ Hollywood Palladium, Hollywood 12/7/12

Bloc Party stopped by the Hollywood Palladium in support of their latest album Four. Some of the highlights included the delay pedal madness of “Octopus,” the detuned crunch of “Kettling,” and older surefire body-moving classics “Banquet,” “Helicopter,” and “This Modern Love.” Dum Dum Girls overcame some early microphone problems for their patented reverb-soaked jams. Check out the gallery above and the setlist below.

01 “So He Begins To Lie”
02 “Hunting For Witches”
03 “Like Eating Glass”
04 “Real Talk”
05 “Kettling”
06 “Waiting For The 7:18″
07 “Song For Clay (Disappear Here)”
08 “Banquet”
09 “Blue Light”
10 “Coliseum”
11 “Day Four”
12 “One More Chance”
13 “Octopus”
14 “Sunday”
15 “Ares”
16 “This Modern Love”
17 “Helicopter”
18 “Truth”
19 “Flux”