Fell In Love With A Drummer

Saturday Night Live has given drummers a bad rap lately, what with Chris Fox sabotaging Ashlee Simpson’s career and Paul Giamati revealing that drummers are douchebags because they steal wives [e.g., Fred Armisen (ex-Trenchmouth)].

Not sure what SNL has against drummers, but today we’re gonna give them a few minutes of attention. Here’s a list of recent news items about drummers. Guess which one is totally made up. You may even learn something!

  • Keith Knudsen (Doobie Brothers) > died.
  • Daniel Adair (3 Doors Down) > quit.
  • John Otto (Limp Bizkit) > launched record label.
  • Josh Freese (A Perfect Circle) > joined Sting’s touring band.
  • Ryan Vikedal (Nickelback) > fired.
  • Spencer Dryden (Jefferson Airplane) > died.
  • Branden Steineckert (The Used) > launched skateboard company.
  • Johnny-5 (Starfield) > quit.
  • Graeme Edge (Moody Blues) > died.
  • Paul Doucette (Matchbox Twenty) > had a baby with Moon Unit Zappa.
  • Bill Reiflen (Ministry) > joined R.E.M.
  • Tommy Lee > went to college for reality TV show.
  • Norman Diamond (Sparks) > died.
  • Dave Grohl (Nirvana) > played on new Foo Fighters, Garbage, NIN discs.
  • Travis Barker (Blink 182) > signed on for Newlyweds-style reality show.
  • Greg Upchurch (Puddle Of Mudd) > quit.
  • Jon Fishman (Phish) > lent cassette tape dress to museum recyclying exhibit.
  • Jimmy Chamberlin (Smashing Pumpkins) > released solo album.
  • Larry Mullen Jr. (U2) > publicly apologized for massive ticket pre-sale snafu.
  • Jim Capaldi (Traffic) > died.
  • Mark O’Toole (Audio Fiction) > caught on HBO’s Taxicab Confessions
  • Ringo Garza (Los Lonely Boys) > busted for pot possession.
  • Gemma Clarke (Babyshambles) > quit.
  • Vinnie Paul (Damageplan) > announced plans to perform for first time since brother/bandmate’s murder.
  • Ringo Starr (All Starr Band) > agreed to play superhero in Stan Lee multimedia project.
  • Fabrizio Moretti (The Strokes) > dumped by Charlie’s Angel.

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    Nonpoint – “In The Air Tonight”