Monthly Mix

Stereogum Monthly Mix: December 2012

It’s the last Monthly Mix of 2012, sweet people. We did it! It hasn’t been an easy run over in this corner of the blog, to be honest. This year saw an ever-diminishing store of free MP3 downloads, as artists increasingly preferred promoting their songs in a streaming fashion, via Soundcloud and its ilk. Which is fair enough! It’s their prerogative. This has changed the enterprise for the Monthly Mix, though, in its dogged insistence on drawing only from the pool of freely available promo MP3 downloads: What once functioned essentially as a “Best Songs Of The Month” is now something closer to the “The Spoils Of Our Monthly Scavenger Hunt For Worthy MP3s.” That said, the state of free music is still strong, and diverse, and as always this mix is full of discovery possibilities as it draws from the best of what Stereogum posted, and some of what we didn’t, this month. House, goth, indie rock and piano ballads, Christmas songs and ambient soundscapes, it’s a genre grab bag and hopefully a little something to keep you occupied just before, and just after, we wade into 2013. It’ll be a good year for you, and for us; we’ll see what it means for Monthly Mix. As always, download here, a zip of free MP3s, from the artists to you:

Stereogum Monthly Mix: December 2012 (.zip, 113MB)

01 How to destroy angels_ – “Ice age (The Soft Moon Remix)”
02 Nosaj Thing – “Snap”
03 Magic Touch & Sapphire Slows – “When I See You”
04 Lisa Germano – “And So On”
05 Blanck Mass – “Hellion Earth”
06 Beach Fossils – “Careless”
07 Alex Calder – “Suki And Me”
08 Farewell Republic – “Lines”
09 Frightened Rabbit – “She Screams Christmas”
10 Oneohtrix Point Never – “Blue Drive”
11 Young Dreams – “Fog Of War (Lemonade Remix)”