Coachella 2013 Lineup Not Revealed

The Rolling Stones aren’t the only ones spreading subterfuge regarding Coachella 2013. Making the rounds today is the season’s first genuinely compelling fake Coachella lineup poster. (Kinda late, too — fake 2012 lineups were circulating as early as December 19, 2012. Raise your game, slackers!) This year’s fake lineup is a total must-see: Daft Punk, Bowie, the Knife, Blur, the Replacements, Fiona Apple, Phoenix … And it’s a pretty decent forgery, largely because a bunch of the bands listed here definitely will be on the actual bill.

Who won’t? Well, David BRYNE for starters. Also? FISHERspooner. And Totally ENOURMOUS Extinct Dinosaurs. Beyond the shoddy copyediting, realistically, there’s no way the Avalanches are coming out of hiding by April. Sorry!

Peep for yourself, find more things that are Wrong With This Picture, and let’s start running down some of the bands that should be on this bill when it drops for real.

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