Tomahawk, Retox @ Mayan Theatre, Los Angeles 2/19/13

Having wrapped up a Faith No More reunion in 2012, Mike Patton found some time to resurrect Tomahawk. Propelled by the furious drumming of John Stanier (Battles), the metallic drone guitars of Duane Denison (The Jesus Lizard) and the sludgy bass lines of Trevor Dunn (Melvins), Tomahawk are touring in support of their new album Oddfellows and filled up the Mayan Theatre for a blistering nineteen songs, including covers of George Jones and Bad Brains. Retox delivered a brutal opening set of high aggression punk that featured a deconstructed cover of “Fascination Street” by the Cure. Check out the photo gallery above and the setlist below.

01 “God Hates A Coward”
02 “Flashback”
03 “Oddfellows”
04 “101 North”
05 “Stone Letter”
06 “Birdsong”
07 “Rape This Day”
08 “Baby Let’s Play ____”
09 “Capt Midnight”
10 “White Hats / Black Hats”
11 “I.O.U.”
12 “Rotgut”
13 “Southpaw”
14 “Point And Click”
15 “Mayday”
16 “Laredo”
17 “Totem”
18 “Just One More” (George Jones cover)
19 “Pay To Cum” (Bad Brains cover)

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