Stream Porcelain Raft Silent Speech EP

Italian electronics-and-guitars dream-pop machine Mauro Remiddi is in the swing of making a proper followup to last year’s Strange Weekend LP, and he’s taken a practical tack to ensuring it sounds different: He sold off all his shit. All his instruments, anyway, and instead he invested in a modular synth. The LP itself is still some ways off, but as a stopgap he’s offering the finest moments from his “obsessively” self-recorded sessions learning his way around his new mod in the form of a new EP called Silent Speech. It’s instrumental (i.e. all mod synth all the time), in case you’re trying to unpack that title. Stream the whole thing below, and grab a download of its lead track “Playground” while you’re there.

An MP3:
Porcelain Raft – “Playground”