TEEN – “Carolina” Video

The title-track to TEEN’s Carolina EP gets a video today, directed by and starring the performance art/body expressionist Megha Barnabas. She also directed TEEN’s outstanding “Electric” video (alongside Stand Clear Of The Closing Doors filmmaker Sam Fleischner), so there is a strong history already, but this one’s decidedly more Megha-centric. The results are, rosy: Flowers decorate her dress and bundle in her arms as she visits NYC’s symbolic sites and epicenters, offering blossoms to suits, coasting on “Carolina”‘s kraut-laced reverie until a climactic psychedelic freakout in Times Square, behind a sidewalk-strewn bouquet, in front of a backlit US flag. Honestly, the only thing that’s weird about it is that more people don’t have that reaction. It’s mesmerizing, symbolism abound, watch:

Carolina is out via Capark. Hear it.