King Krule – “Easy Easy” Video

When I first wrote about King Krule’s “Easy Easy,” (one of our previous Songs Of The Week) I mentioned how the song is proof that Archy Marshall’s long delay in getting his first album out was will be worth the wait and roughly a month later that resonates even more. It really is one of the best songs of the summer, and this newly released video embraces that quality with shots of Marshall and his friend smoking, sitting on the train, drinking, and hanging out rooftops. It captures that feeling of being young in the summer when long strings of days doing nothing feel indescribably significant. Marshall is a hell of a personality here too, singing to the camera with the kind of cockiness of a rapper, even his friend poses behind him at times like a hypeman (albeit a silent one.) It makes sense when you think of lyrics like “Same old bobby, same old beat/ well they got nothin’ on me,” and the sparse instrumentation โ€“ just enough of a foundation for his incredible vocals.

6 Feet Beneath The Moon is out 8/24 on XL True Panther. That’s Marshall’s birthday, but I’m pretty sure we’ll be the ones getting a present.

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