Shit Robot – “Do That Dance” Video

Shit Robot – “Do That Dance” Video

Between her work with Shit Robot and the Juan McLean, 2013 was the year Nancy Whang began her ascension to becoming one of the great current dancefloor divas. And 2014 — the year both those projects drop long-awaited new albums — seems to be her chance to really claim that title. Whang’s great strength, as this video for “Do The Dance” proves both visually and musically, is her complete sense of cool as she effortlessly sing-speaks her way through the track. She completely owns this song, as she has every song on which she’s appeared recently, from “Get Down” to last year’s stunning “Feel Like Movin’.” Watch her streak continue below.

We Got A Love is out 3/17 via DFA/PIAS.

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