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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

Hey, whoever’s in charge of music video releases! Can you space things out a little better, please? Last week, I scrambled to come up with five watchable videos. This week, I have to leave out a few videos that I legitimately loved, only because the selection was too rich. That’s why you won’t find Mogwai’s terrifyingly beautiful skydiving odyssey “Simon Ferocious” below, or Spike Lee’s empathetic point-of-view piece for Eminem’s “Headlights,” or my friends in Fucked Up looking excessively cool in their “Sun Glass” video. (Also not below: The moving and confident new Arcade Fire video, which will be in contention next week.) Those videos all deserve recognition, but the five below might deserve it even more.

5. Cam’ron & A-Trak – “Dipshits” (Feat. Juelz Santana) (Dir. Ricky Saiz)

The beginning of a Dipset YouTube K-hole that can, and should, swallow up the rest of your day. Proceed directly to J.R. Writer’s “Bird Call.”

4. Pictureplane – “Self Control” (Dir. Pictureplane & Shomi Patwary)

When I was 13, this is what I thought — what I hoped — my twenties would look like. I am still waiting on that whole Johnny Mnemonic aesthetic to arrive. Computers turned out to be so much more boring than people expected.

3. Le1f – “Sup” (Dir. Jesse Miller-Gordon)

Past Le1f videos have been uniformly great, but they’ve also been bright, garish, even cartoony. This is the first one to rely entirely on the weight of the guy’s presence. He is up to the task.

2. Ben Khan – “Youth” (Dir. BRTHR)

Badassery does not need to make sense. It just needs to be badass.

1. clipping. – “Work Work” (Feat. Cocc Pistol Cree) (Dir. Carlos Lopez Estrada)

Good luck getting those final images out of your mind.