Here’s Why ILoveMakonnen & Drake’s “Tuesday” Is So Irresistible

In the past year since Chilly Gonzales started his Pop Music Masterclass video series, he’s deconstructed the appeal of popular songs such as “Get Lucky,” “Shake It Off,” “Fancy,” and “Hold On, We’re Going Home.” His latest video takes a look at the irresistible iLoveMakonnen/Drake track “Tuesday.” He starts explaining the song using only a piano, but has to switch it up to an electronic organ to get it to sound closer to the beat of the track. “Here we have another ‘installation’ rather than a song,” Gonzales starts off. “We have a series of four chords and, really, the sound doesn’t change that much. […] This is fundamentally a static piece of music. It doesn’t really evolve in the usual way as pop music does — what you hear is what you get in the first seconds.” Some comparison points he makes include Beethoven, John Williams’ Star Wars theme, and “Eye Of The Tiger.” Watch below.

Gonzales also has a new album, Chambers, coming out later this year. He recently shared this teaser:

Lastly, Gonzales teamed with P. Morris on “Late Visitor,” a song from the latest Sound Pellegrino compilation Melodic Mechanisms. The track precedes Morris’ upcoming residency at L.A.’s Bootleg Theater, where he’ll perform every Sunday in February. Hear his track with Gonzalez below: