The Tonight Show With Jay Leno Series Finale Open Thread

Gosh, who would have ever thought Jay Leno would spend the last half hour of his final episode of The Tonight Show lying on his desk in the dark? And requesting for Kevin Eubanks to come hold his hand, only to find out that Kevin Eubanks was actually on tour in France? EEEEEK! Very awkward! JK, of course I did not actually watch the series finale of Jay Leno’s Tonight Show. I tuned in to see a series of political JibJab videos and decided that that was truly enough for me. (I also watched his teary goodbye this morning. It is very sad! Seeing most people cry and talk about death is sad, in fact!) Ahead of last night, a bunch of people (people = blogs, obviously) were talking about how Conan and Jimmy Kimmel had STACKED shows to take viewers away from Leno’s finale (Conan had the cast of the Walking Dead and Kimmel had Matt Damon and George Clooney, which, to me, sort of seem like normal episodes of late night television? And, like, now that the Walking Dead is coming back and Monuments Men is coming out, the episodes of late night television that EVERYONE is having?), but it is strange to me how no one pointed out that Nick at Night aired a straight up MARATHON of Friends episodes! And on Time Warner Cable in NYC, that channel is, like, two channels away from NBC. Very big oversight, blogs. Nick at Night doesn’t do that every night. (I think they only do it three or four nights out of the week?) Anyway. DID YOU WATCH? Did you love Garth? Were you psyched to see Kim Kardashian finally┬ámake her first appearance on late night television? Hmm?