Checking In On Sports Parties: Super Bowl Cocktail Recipes!

For a sports fan, there is truly nothing like letting the experts battle it out on the green while you sit at home with a cool cocktail in your hand, enjoying their skill. Of course, relaxation and fun go hand in hand! So it stands to reason that The Super Bowl, during which two sets of star athletes test their televised physical prowess, would be one of a fan’s most successful cocktail (and snack!) days. Ha-ha, we have to admit, truly a day when we would rather NOT strap on a pair of softies and get our own sneakies in the mud. To be sure, though, our sporting energy must go somewhere — perhaps we can get our hands on an at-home playtool and toss it to like-minded acquaintances, or, better yet, we can transfer our energy into our cocktails! I’ve compiled a few expert recipes below to ensure that, even if your favorite athlete doesn’t perform his or her best, your party will make a classic two-point score!

The Kickoff
1 star player
1/4 oz determination
2 oz hard work
Shake for many years.

The Touchdown
14 cheers
1/4 oz good sportsmanship
2.5 oz dedication
Pour over a little touchdown dance.

The Playpass
3 oz skill
1 oz memory
1 dash of sneakiness

The Protector
1 cup softies
3 oz solids
2 undereye blockies
Consume safely, but with bravery.

The Michael Jordan
2 oz Air
4 oz expertise
1 star athlete
Always an enjoyable treat.

The Shhhh
3 oz rapists
4 oz racists
1 dashes of homophobe
2 oz untreated anger
1 ruined skull

The Sack
1 oz expert play
2 oz understanding that star athletes make mistakes, too
1 heart full of love
Shake with a smile.

The Football
1 football
Ahh, the classic beverage!

Remember to enjoy safely, and play ball!