Innocent Dog Caught In What Is Admittedly A Suspicious Moment

Listen, hah, okay — this is funny. I know what this looks like. Yes, my entire head is in what you have to admit is a very large lunch bag for a tiny baby. (Just as an aside, and feel free to not answer because I know this is none of my Dog Business, but where does your baby go that he needs such a large lunch bag? What are you feeding him? ANOTHER baby?) I know what you’re thinking, “This dog’s entire head is stuck in the lunch bag because he was trying to eat the lunch and now we’ve caught him.” Well, it’s actually a funny story, because I was just — right before you got here — investigating what I thought was an intruder who was working from inside of the lunch bag. Hah! Protecting you, you know? I’m not looking for thanks, I’m just doing my job as your loyal and loving dog, but I thought we should maybe just clear this up. Totally not a big deal, I mean, I know what it looked like. My head in the bag and everything. But. So. Anyway, the intruder did eat all of the lunch, unfortunately. (Via TastefullyOffensive.)