How Was Everyone’s Day Today?

How was your day today? Mine was bad! I’m sick! I know I already talked about it, but it’s all I can think about! Waaahh, waahh! At the very least, though, I am not Jonah Hill, who got paid the SAG minimum of $60,000 (and they say people can’t live on minimum wage, jk) for his work on Wolf of Wall Street (for which Leonardo DiCaprio got paid $10 million), and then talked about it on the radio even though he really did not have to! From E Online:

While being interviewed by Howard Stern during his radio show on Tuesday, Jan. 21, the 30-year-old actor admitted he was willing to work for the SAG minimum in order to collaborate with director Martin Scorsese.

During the broadcast, the program’s official Twitter account posted the following: “Now on H100 @jonahhill tells @howardstern that he did the 7 month ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ shoot for $60,000 because he wanted the role so bad.”

What’s more, Hill told Stern he couldn’t sign his contract fast enough because he was so afraid they would change their minds and hire someone else.

Keep that stuff under your hat, Jonah Hill! Tell your close friends late at night in a moment when you feel really connected to them and then tell no one else! We don’t need to know! Obviously, though, you made a good decision you poor little $60k baby, but HOW WERE THE REST OF YOUR DAYS? Good? Bad? Sick?