This Week In GIFs!

Imagine a young teen in a fight with her parents, and she runs into her room and right before she slams the door shut she yells, “I WISH I LIVED INSIDE OF A GIF!” Hahaha. “I’M SO SICK OF LIVING HEERREEAAARRRGGH!” Ahh. Hahah. That’s nothing. So. Are you ready to relive the week you just had by watching GIFs from it? Do you even remember the Golden Globes at all? They were on Sunday, so it makes sense that you could’ve forgotten! Let’s go, let’s remember!

We all watched the Golden Globes together!

Leonardo DiCaprio dodged the perfect cocaine gotcha question!

David O. Russell compared acting in the Hunger Games to being a slave!

How I Met Your Mother was racist!

And finally, we all watched comedy on TV together!