The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

We have a VERY strong Petting Zoo for you today. A great collection of adorable videos, funny videos, bloopers, sweet stuff — a very well-balanced mix of everything you look for in animal videos. Just wonderful. Sometimes these lists will be a little lopsided — more dogs than cats, more bloopers than cute vids, mostly owners talking over the videos and being so obnoxious because jesus just let me watch your damn pet in peace, etc., but not today. Today is perfect. Also perfect: a parrot recently got its owner thrown in jail for drunk driving by reportedly saying, “HE’S DRUNK” while its owner was stopped at a routine checkpoint. Wow! Animals! WHAT CAN’T THEY DO?! I DON’T KNOW, BUT LET’S GO WATCH THE VIDEOS AND FIND OUT WHAT THEY CAN DO! (BE CUTE, FALL DOWN, SAY “NO,” AND MORE!)

10. A Bunny Digging

9. Cat Isn’t Particularly Good At Chess

8. Just A Little Goat Argument

7. Kitty Cleaning Toddler

6. Cat Chills Out

5. Dog Eats Ice Cream

4. Cat Sneaks A Peek

3. Classic #CATFAIL

2. Puppy Vs. Carrot

1. Blaze Does NOT Want To Go Into His Kennel