Best New Party Game: Golden Globes Movies

The Golden Globes come but once a year, and it’s entirely possible that we only live but once, so it is our obligation as people who frequent a pop culture blog to squeeze every last bit of fun out of the award ceremony that there might be in the award ceremony. (Maybe? I am honestly just typing words until it’s time to make award-show themed puns with movie titles.) So, as our last bit of fun, I’d like us to all gather around for a pleasant little party game: Golden Globes Movies. I will begin, and then you can begin:

  • The Hope of Fall Street
  • Dallas Buyers Snub
  • Thanking Mr. Thanks 
  • Her? Why Not ME?
  • I Hope This At Least Ends Before Midnight
You may also play with television shows. GOOD LUCK AND R.I.P. GOLDEN GLOBES!