There Are Still Problems With Academy Award Voting

You might remember that last year there was a bit of controversy surrounding the Academy Awards due to password problems with the newly operational online voting system. God, I hope you don’t remember that. It turns out there are still some problems with the system this year, but it doesn’t matter because no one is voting anyway? Very cool. I love awards! From Pete Hammond, the person at Deadline who talks about this kind of thing:

As the deadline [Ed Note: Nice.] looms for the close of Oscar nomination polls at 5 PM Wednesday, I have talked to a large number of potential voters who are still not even close to seeing the key movies, whether in theaters or making a dent in that pile of screeners at home. A more limited voting pool could lead to a surprising outcome, and this year it seems there are many members struggling to check out all the contenders.

And according to one member who told me he finally voted this morning, it’s working. … On the other hand, I just talked to another voter who said they were told to get a new password and spent two hours trying to deal with getting the right security code to sync with their computer. The member said he was at a campaign lunch earlier today and also discovered he was the only one who had voted so far.

Literally the computer problem thing is based on two people, but WHY ISN’T ANYONE VOTING? Don’t you guys like movies? Again, and I hate to do this after calling for the same thing last year, but I think this year we just have to cancel the Academy Awards. I know! It will be disappointing for everyone — oh believe me, especially here, we’d all be so disappointed — but let’s just think of this as a rebuilding year. Or a destruction year? Listen, we’ll decide further down the road whether or not we want to destroy, but for now we certainly should cancel with the hope (oh, the hope) of rebuilding. Cool? I know it’s hard for everyone, but let’s nail down this decision now, all right? Good? Canceled?