Idris Elba Has A Question

…Is it though? Like. Okay, I know we all should “get” the human body or whatever and we had classes in school and should have figured it out by now and blah blah blah, but. I mean. Is it? Just like, is it normal. I’m not asking for an explanation about why or anything like that, like I know we’re not all experts — really, I’m not the one asking at all! Idris Elba is asking. So. I just know that there are a lot of things that don’t particularly seem normal but are normal, like hypnic jerks always seem kind of weird and not right, and we all have a list of normal stuff that we think is cancer, so who knows. Do bow ties make your dick hard every time you smile? Is that how it works? I AM NOT THE ONE ASKING. I am just agreeing that I would like a simple answer about whether or not that is the normal way that things happen. Is it? Listen. Okay. Is it?