Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Benedict Cumberbatch doing Smaug motion-capture work, ladies! -AVClub
  • Splitsider spoke with Brody Stevens recently about his new Comedy Central show Brody Stevens: Enjoy It!, and you should read it if you want to and then definitely watch that show. It is a very good show. -Splitsider
  • There’s a new The Grand Budapest Hotel trailer up, if you’d like to take a look! At this point, though, you might want to save whatever it might hold for when you see the actual movie, which is a position I understand and share. It’s up to you. #freedom -/Film
  • Hugh Jackman might star in Warner’s Peter Pan origin story, which is appropriate. (Pee.) -FilmDrunk
  • And finally, Joaquin Phoenix might possibly maybe play Lex Luthor in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie. -Dlisted