The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

I guess this is the final installment of Petting Zoo before we break for the holidays. Jeeze! Time flies! There is only one holiday video on list, which is maybe incorrect, and maybe I should have purposely sought out more, which is my bad, but also it’s the bad of those not making their holiday animal videos more available to me, but I’ll tell you one thing: the one Christmas video on the list is great. A real classic! So. If you can only have one holiday video on your pre-holiday Petting Zoo list of animal videos, it at least should be a classic. That is what I always say this time of year. So. Are you ready to watch some animal videos? Is your fireplace on? Is your boss not around? Did you make some coffee? Or tea? Did you light a scented candle? Okay, let’s GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

10. The Struggle Of A Rat

9. Dog Doesn’t Want To Swim

8. Puppy Reacts To Crying

7. Bobcat Cuddles

6. It’s Bedtime!

5. Cat Asks Dog To Play

4. Winter Cat #FAIL

3. Dog Prevents Owner From Drinking

2. Surprise Camel

1. Cat Christmas Tree Disaster