This Week In Comedy Open Thread

I cannot believe how many people I know watched the live Sound of Music last night on NBC. I even watched it! Some of it! Carrie Underwood — a little bit better than Julie Andrews? I know you don’t need to hear another critic say it, but as far as I’m concerned, everyone should be forced to throw their old copies of The Sound of Music into the garbage, buy the NBC live DVD version of the stage musical, AND NEVER REFER TO THAT OLD TRASH AGAIN! (Just kidding, Carrie Underwood was bad!) But, even though Carrie Underwood’s Maria was a treat (it wasn’t a treat) it meant that there was no Parks and Recreation, no 30 Rock, no Community, and no The Office. (Haha, remember when that was the lineup?) (AND WE STILL COMPLAINED?) But that’s fine. FOX is Must-See NBC now, and there were still some shows on there! The Mindy Project was one of them! We found Mindy planning a gluten- and alcohol-free office party for everyone in their building, in order to lure Cliff into a sex trap, and the British doctor isn’t fat for no reason anymore, which is nice, and also Maria Menounos. The Mindy Project still runs into some of the problems it had in the first season — mainly that it seems to always be stumbling, never quite sure of what it is or what it wants to be — but I think the supporting cast has grown into itself well enough that the stumbling doesn’t distract too much. It has come to be a very funny show! Lots of laughing out loud! And Danny Castellano’s Aaliyah dance? Give me a break. Very weird, very good, I like it, marry me Danny Castellano. NEXT: Brooklyn Nine-Nine! Chelsea Peretti is VERY GOOD ON THIS TELEVISION SHOW! “Did you make the cover of ‘Hair-Pulled-Back Magazine?'” is just the funnniest. The dynamic shifting (if it does shift) between Boyle and Diaz might help to freshen up what already seems like, even though the show itself is new, a fairly worn-in group dynamic, but we’ll have to wait and see. Young Holt was very enjoyable. Very good show, I like it, the end. Comedy Bang Bang and Bob’s Burgers continue to be perfect. WHAT DID YOU THINK?