Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • One time while driving, years ago, I spotted someone with the vanity plate “TWITTER.” My friends and I couldn’t get a picture of it because it was nighttime. The end. (PS: Here is another pretty good vanity plate.)  -FilmDrunk
  • Speaking of that great story, here’s this: “Learn to Become a Phenomenal Storyteller with Pixar’s 22 Writing Rules.” (#1. Make part of it kind of sad. #2. Make it cute., etc.) -Lifehacker
  • This is just good footage of the Dead Kennedys recording in 1981. I know it’s not usually the kind of thing we talk about, but it’s the holidays, so. -DangerousMinds
  • House of Cards has a return date, y’all, and it’s two days before my birthday! Or: Valentine’s Day! Whichever description of the date is more relevant to you! -Deadline
  • Speaking of dates (does Pixar have any lessons on segues because I DON’T NEED THOSE EITHER), the Veronica Mars movie has a release one! A release date! -/Film
  • Here are some movie scenes that you never knew were improvised, unless you did know, in which case I apologize for assuming otherwise. -DeathAndTaxes