Amazon Drones To Assist In The Robot Uprising

Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos revealed his plan to incorporate Amazon Drones into Amazon’s delivery system in a segment on 60 Minutes last night, which was then joked about so much on Twitter that I refused to look into it and attempted to block it completely from my mind, because jesus can’t everyone just SHUT UP FOR ONCE?! Big mistake! I’m not sure what role these little guys will have in the Robot Uprising, but an educated guess would be that they will provide the unsettling bug noise that their side will not otherwise have available to them. Not that bad, for sure, but still something to keep in mind. No amount of little lunch boxes that I guess we get to keep — but what will we do with them? you can’t really recycle that, I don’t think, but maybe you can — will prevent us from preparing as best we can. Your first mistake was building the drones, Jeff Bezos. But your second mistake was giving us time to plan. What we’re going to buy. With those drones! Probably moisturizer, if you run out? And shampoo?! Wait, what were we talking about? (Via TheVerge.)