The 2013 Gummy Awards: Cast Your Vote!

Gosh, it seems like just a year’s worth of months ago that Videogum and Stereogum held the 7th annual Gummy Awards. Can you believe it’s already time for Videogum and Stereogum’s 8th annual Gummy Awards?! Well, you should, because it is! We’ve heard enough of what the BLOGGERS think, ugh, YUCK, it’s finally time to have your voice heard about what you think were the best television shows, movies, viral videos, albums, etc., go see for yourself, of the year. YOU HAVE A VOICE! IN THIS BALLOT ONLY! OTHERWISE BE QUIET, JUST KIDDING! Please head over to Stereogum to cast your vote. To sweeten the deal a bit (as if doing you Gummic duty and having the privilege of casting your vote in our Gummyocracy [gross, I know, let’s just keep going] isn’t a sweet enough deal), everyone who submits a ballot will be entered to win the top ten albums (chosen by you) on vinyl from our friends Insound! What a treat. (That means that you should use a valid email address, so we can contact you if you win. [email protected], UNLESS THAT IS YOUR REAL E-MAIL ADDRESS, will not do you any favors.) So get going. What are you waiting for?! Another link to it?! Here you go! Polls will close on December 3rd at 12 PM EST, and we’ll reveal your winners soon after. (Past winners can be seen here.) Yay! Vote vote vote!