The Videogum Holiday Movie Club!

Hey! I love holiday movies! And by “holiday” I mean mostly Christmas! Sorry to pull away that veil so quickly, but I don’t think I’ve seen many (read: any?) Hanukkah movies for adults, but if there are any I’d love to watch, because I am open-minded, inclusive, and reasonable! Our SpooOOooOOoky Movie Club in November was such a hit (it was a hit, right?) (moving on under the assumption that it was not only a hit, but a BIG hit) that I thought, hey, why not do it again in December? But instead of scary movies, why not do it with Christmas movies, since that would make more sense? So, here we are: the Videogum Holiday Movie Club. This will work just like the SpooOooOoky Movie Club — you guys will let us know which holiday movies are your favorites (or the ones that you hate the most) (either way!) (do you!), we will choose whichever ones seem to have the most interest, and then we’ll all watch one a week together throughout the month of December. (We’ll discuss them on Thursdays, except for the final one, which we will discuss on Wednesday, December 25th.) Does that sound good? I hope it sounds good, or at least fine. So, what do you think? What holiday movies do you like? Gary Marshall’s New Year’s Eve? Jingle All the Way? Am I close? Tell meeee.