Listen, We’re Not Going To Talk About Someone’s Personal Life

It is rude and beneath us to sit here and gossip about strangers who are going through what must be — probably, we have to assume — a difficult time. Even though these particular strangers have made it their goal to make the rest of what has been their “personal” life (R.I.P.) our business, from horrifying beginning to relieving end; even though we can expect that at least half of them will continue to attempt to make his or her personal life our business, crawling more and more desperately (as he or she ages into his or her LATE TEENS) back toward the sad, semi-fame he or she enjoyed in her adolescence, due to the fact that his or her brain is fame rotten and associates any small bit of notoriety with success, due to having been surrounded by adult human nightmare garbage fame vultures with NO ONE’S best interest in mind — let alone her’s (his or her’s) — since, I assume, birth — even though that is true, to sit and stare at a crash (even though we had fun with the consistent updates about how far the train had gone off of the rails pre-crash) is inconsiderate. These are human beings, after all. (I think?) (They are, at the very least, alive.) So no, we will not speak of what has become of their personal life. All we will do is congratulate the half of them that deserves congratulations and sincerely hope that her time on Celebrity Big Brother that gave her “her first ever experience of having independence” and spurred this positive life change will continue to affect her in positive ways. You are still so young, Ms. You have so much life to live. Take a breath. Look around. And so it is.