This Week In Comedy Open Thread

There weren’t a whole lot of our normal comedies on this week, so let me take this moment to ask: What are you watching that we don’t ever mention because of how we are stuck in our ways? Are you watching shows on Adult Swim that you’d like us to cover? Are you watching, I don’t know, The Goldbergs? Are you watching Trophy Wife? I’m watching Trophy Wife because Emily Nussbaum tweeted about it 400,000 times, so I thought if Emily Nussbaum was going to tweet about how something is actually pretty good 400,000 times, you might as well check it out and see if it is actually pretty good. And it is! Michaela Watkins is so great in everything she does, and she is great on this show, too. Malin Akerman is a treat. Bert and Warren are great, weird little kids. It’s not my fave new show, the jokes are more or less the kind you’d expect from a primetime ABC show, but, as Emily Nussbaum said and said and said on Twitter, it is actually pretty good! So there’s that. WHAT ELSE?! Tell me. Otherwise: PeeWee Herman was on Comedy Bang Bang’s Halloween episode, and I just loved it so much. Scott Auckerman had been hyping that episode more than any other before the season’s premiere, and if I didn’t love PeeWee so much there might have been some disappointment in how it wasn’t a particularly special episode outside of his involvement, but I do love him so much and I THOUGHT IT WAS GREAT! Although it was similarly special and (somewhat) sentimental, I did not, unfortunately, love It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’s “The Gang Makes Lethal Weapon 6.” (Probably because it skewed male LOL.) I haven’t been into the idea enough in the past to be able to enjoy another full episode of it, so it seemed kind of tedious at points. Though I did love “Our audience has come to expect that from us.” Hahah. Ahh. Did you watch any episodes of The Pete Holmes Show? That premiered this week, and featured our friends Chelsea Peretti and Kumail Nanjiani! They were fun! I’m glad that there is a television show that they can go on and that we can watch! WHAT DID YOU THINK, TELL MEEEE!