Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Minnesota Vikings (sports team) quarterback Christian Ponder and his wife Samantha dressed as Squints and Wendy Peffercorn from The Sandlot for Halloween. What did you ever do? For Halloween? This year? What are you going to beeeeee? -Uproxx
  • Congratulations to Kerry Washington on her upcoming bAaaaaaaaabyyyy. It’s going to be so beeeaaauutiifuuul. -Dlisted
  • Here is everything I know about Star Wars Episode VII: It’s a movie? It will come out. It’s Star Wars. Will take place in space probably. Want to know everything /Film knows about it? -/Film
  • Last night on Letterman, Rob Lowe gave the writers of the Internet a million clicks. -Pajiba
  • Somewhere, I bet a mom is so embarrassed about the thing her kid said on Jimmy Kimmel and how it reflects on her as a mother. Aww. Poor moms. -DeathAndTaxes
  • And finally, William Zabka dressed up as William Zabka in Karate Kid for Halloween. -FilmDrunk