This Today Show Public Marriage Proposal Is The Worst One Yet

Imagine being asked to appear on the Today Show in order to talk about your work with, and to spread awareness of, the Women’s Housing and Economic Development Corporation, which works to “build a more beautiful, equitable and economically vibrant Bronx.” Sounds like a good opportunity, yeah? Pretty exciting to get recognized for the positive work you’re doing for your community while raising awareness of the work that still needs to be done! Then imagine getting all dolled up, placed on your mark outside of the studio, right next to the cheering crowd, being approached by Al Roker, starting to talk about the work that you do, and then being interrupted by YOUR STUPID BOYFRIEND WHO GOES ON AND ON ABOUT HIS OWN DAMN SELF BEFORE GETTING DOWN ON ONE KNEE AND PROPOSING TO YOU IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE WORLD, BECAUSE YOU WERE NEVER ASKED ON THE TODAY SHOW TO TALK ABOUT THE IMPORTANT WORK THAT YOU DO, NO, OH, YOU SILLY WOMAN, OF COURSE NOT! INSTEAD YOU WERE ASKED ON THE TODAY SHOW SO YOUR BOYFRIEND COULD ASK YOU TO MAKE A MAJOR LIFE DECISION ON LIVE TV AND IN FRONT OF AL ROKER AND A CROWD OF HUDDLED TODAY SHOW FANS. AHHHHHHH!!!

SAY NOOOO!!!! God, I have never once wished that I could be in the crowd outside of the Today Show, and I never thought I would, until this morning. “SAY NOOOOOOOOO!” I would have shouted. “HOOW DAAAREEE YOOOUUU!!!!” We can all only hope that she took him aside, privately and quietly, after the cameras were off, and told him to go right to hell with his stupid engagement ring. Man oh man. “Aww, she really thought that she was here to talk about her organization,” I bet he thought. “The privilege of marrying a man is much greater, congratulations.” Hahah. UGGGH! UGH. THIS GUY! (Via Slate.)