This Week In Movie Trailers, You Guys

New Wes Anderson trailer, everybody! We’ve already waited a whole day to talk about it because of the Friday trailers rule, so how about let’s not waste any more time! PLUS THERE ARE TWO SPOOKY TRAILERS. So let’s go! Come on come on come on!

The Grand Budapest Hotel

I am admittedly not the biggest Wes Anderson fan (though, that said, I do like a lot of his movies — it just never seems I’m AS thrilled with them as others) (and I don’t like a few) (can we move on?!), and this movie looks like the most Wes Anderson-y Wes Anderson movie yet (though, I think that is said about every new Wes Anderson trailer), BUT: ahhhh, this movie looks great! I am very excited for this movie! I know it’s kind of strange that a blogger from Brooklyn is actually excited about a new Wes Anderson trailer, but hey, sometimes you just have to roll with it!

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones [WARNING: GROSS EYEBALL THING]

WHAT WAS THAT EYEBALL THING?! I was unable to watch that part, because eyeball things are #1 on my list of things that I just cannot deal with, but I was able to watch the rest and, ah, it looks all right! I haven’t seen very many of the Paranormal Activity movies, so I’m not sure if this one is true to the style, but to me it seems less like a Paranormal Activity movie and more like a movie that is trying to seem like a Paranormal Activity movie. I would see this, though. It comes out in January, which is an odd time for a SPOOKY movie, but I’d still see it!

Devil’s Due

Man, Friday Night Lights got weird after it ended! So, you can just do Rosemary’s Baby again, turn it into a found-footage movie for no reason, and you don’t even have to say that it’s Rosemary’s Baby? That’s a pretty nice deal. Someone should do another scary movie about a family who lives at a hotel in the wintertime while the father acts as caretaker and it’s all seen over Skype! JK DON’T DO THAT. Why are you still recording video while your wife is going through such trauma? I wonder if there’s going to be a scene where his doctor takes him aside and is like, “Listen, you have to record all of this so I can have all of the information possible in order to ensure I’m doing the best I can to regain your wife’s health.” Hahah. CONCEIT JUSTIFIED. Anyway, another January spooky movie. Looks like October’s coming twice!


Hahahaha. Cigarettes? Gun?! BADGE?!? Hello Julianne Moore and Michellle Dockery! This movie looks super dumb, but at least someone finally found a way to make going on a plane scarier. Haha. IT LOOKS FUN THO. “Super stupid, but also probably fun.” –

That Awkward Moment

“It’s too bad for Kyle Gallner that Miles Teller exists” was my main takeaway from this trailer. Everyone was talking about this trailer this week because of that shot of Zac Efron, nude, lying down on the toilet, so I hope everyone enjoyed it! The movie looks mostly lukewarm funny and not particularly my thing, but I will say that it doesn’t look awful. So. Hello, Michael B. Jordan! I’m sorry about Haddie!