Best New Party Game: Non-Horror Movie Horror Movies

Okay. I know that my October horror movie/ghost fixation has maybe gone a bit off the rails, but October literally only comes (3)1 day(s) a year, so will you please just let me have this one thing?! I never ask for anything, just give me this! All I want to do is talk about ghosts nonstop on this pop culture blog during the month of October in preparation for Halloween, and I just want you guys to be 100% okay with it, and I also just want you to play along! ESPECIALLY WITH THIS PARTY GAME! The party game is called “non-horror movies into horror movies.” I think the rules are pretty obvious, but I’ll go first just do you can see how it’s done:

  • BOooOoo Can Count On Me
  • The Ghostfather
  • The Dark NIGHTMARE
  • Buffalo 666
  • Ghost Grad
  • Fright Club
BOO! I mean, fun! Don’t get too scared, and plz remember that this is only a game and the real horrors in this life are the other human beings that walk the Earth with you every day. Your turn!