The Perfect Crime: Saying “Hump Day” At School

In those quiet moments when you sat back and thought about what kind of person you were, and how your interactions with the world shaped not only others’ perceptions of you but your own perception of yourself, you never once thought that you would be the type to pull off something like this. Hell, you never thought that you’d be the type who would ever want to pull off something like this. It seemed completely outside of and separate from the person you thought you were, and not having had the time to consider the repercussions of this act left you feeling a bit dazed. Yet somehow…somehow you knew this wouldn’t be the last time. It felt good — and “good” seemed to mean something unlike what it meant to you in the past. It wasn’t “good” like the chocolate chip cookies your mom mad were “good” when she didn’t put “healthy” stuff in them. It wasn’t “good” like how you felt when you made a basket during gym. It wasn’t “good” like when you got to rearrange the desks in your classroom, and now you got to sit near a friend. No, this was new. You felt strong. You felt contemporary. You felt like you had just yelled “HUMP DAY” like the camel does in that Geico commercial, except you did it at school, and you keep doing it even when it isn’t Wednesday, and now you’re on the news?

You’re telling me that it’s gotten so bad that some kids have even been called into the principal’s office?! I swear to God, Michele Bachmann is right. HUMP DAYYYYYY! (Via Abroath.)