GOP Representative Tells CNN Anchor That Although She Is “Beautiful” She “Must Be Honest”

Oh, this motherfucker. This piece of shit, condescending, lying, white male motherfucker. Okay. Breathe. Try to remember your cool-down exercises. Close your eyes, take a slow, deep breath, and try to remember– Oh, motherfuck. It’s not working! Ahhh, is there a window nearby? Look out the window. Observe any nearby trees, their beautiful leaves changing from green to red. Life isn’t all bullshit motherfuckers, straight up looking into faces, lying, and doubling down on those lies with misogyny, BUT IT IS A LOT OF THAT, JESUS CHRIST. Okay, okay, okay. Another deep breath. Clear your mind. Hum, maybe — maybe humming with help you clear your mind. Mirror your humming to that of the loud droning hum that must take the place of all reasonable thought in the minds of many of the GOP motherfuckers that the more sensible GOP motherfuckers somehow can’t stop from going in front of cameras and making shit noises come out of their fucking dumbass lying, backwards, bullshit mouths AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! OUR COOL-DOWN EXERCISES HAVE FAILED, JUST CLICK THROUGH AND WATCH THE VIDEO.

Unfortunately we can’t all get away with being neither, Todd, you motherfucker. THIS FACE FOREVER:

Say “Seriously, Carol” one more time. SAY IT ONE MORE TIME! BAN MEN. (Via Pajiba.)