How Was Everyone’s Day Today?

Hey, how was your day today? Mine was fine! It’s pretty warm in Brooklyn these days, and it seems like it’s going to be pretty warm for the rest of the week, which isn’t exactly what I’d like. Ah, but no matter HOW much time you spent talking about the weather to people who didn’t care today, your day probably wasn’t nearly as mentally healthy as Damon Lindelof’s! (What?) I’m sure you noticed, but after Breaking Bad’s finale aired, many people — rather than praise it for itself — praised the way it differed from two other huge, semi-recent season finales — that of The Sopranos and of Lost. While I think that the comparisons to The Sopranos generally focused on how each ending was right for each particular series, there is no doubt that the Lost comparisons were, ah, less flattering. In an essay for The Hollywood Reporter sort of about the season finale of Breaking Bad, Damon Lindelof spent a bit of time talking about that:

Alcoholics are smart enough to not walk into a bar. My bar is Twitter. It’s Comic-Con. It’s anytime someone asks me to write an article even casually relating to Lost.

And what do I do? I jump at the opportunity to acknowledge how many people were dissatisfied with how it ended. I try to be self-deprecating and witty when I do this, but that’s an elaborate (or obvious?) defense mechanism to let people know I’m fully aware of the elephant in the room and I’m perfectly fine with it sitting down on my face and shitting all over me.

And this is how pathetic I’ve become — I’m using an opportunity to put Breaking Bad into the pantheon of best shows ever (where it undeniably belongs) to narcissistically whine about the perceived shortcomings of my own work.

You should read the whole essay (it’s short!) but what it comes down to is that Lindelof has released himself of the pressure to convince others of the merits of Lost’s ending. He stands by it, but is not going to talk about it anymore. I think that’s great! Y ONLY LIVE O. We should all relieve ourselves of the stress of our perceived shortcomings if they are weighing on us and don’t actually matter, in the grand scheme of things! (If we are murders, though, we should def focus on how bad that is and how we should not be murderers anymore.) So, good. Good for that guy. How about you, though? Good for you guy? HOW WAS YOUR DAY?