Benedict Cumberbatch And Emma Watson Are The Sexiest Movie Stars On Earth, Says A Poll From A Thing

Okay, picture Earth. Are you picturing it? It’s like a circle. Blue and green splotches, some bumpy parts and some not-so-bumpy. You aren’t able to place as much of it as you think you should be, and thinking about it all starts to make you dizzy, and then you think about how it’s only a tiny blip in space, and now you’re having a panic attack. Okay, now that you have that in mind, picture people walking on that Earth. Disgusting normal people, going about their boring lives, destined to live and die with only a handful of people ever remembering they existed at all. Now, of those normals but far away from them, picture movie stars. Beautiful movie stars, walking around, wearing sunglasses, living forever in name and spirit, drinking champagne, forgetting how to have conversations, etc. Now. Which one of those movie stars is the sexiest?!? You’re allowed to pick one male and one female. Okay, do you have your movie stars? Let’s see if they match up with the ones the readers of Empire picked in their Sexiest Movie Stars poll! From E!:

The readers of Empire clearly have excellent taste!

Benedict Cumberbatch was voted the sexiest male movie star in the world, according to the results of a British magazine reader poll released today, while Emma Watson took the honors of being the sexiest female movie star on earth.

Other top hotties in the guys’ category included Tom Hiddleston, Henry Cavill, Ryan Gosling (who only came in at No. 4?!), Robert Downey Jr., and Chris Hemsworth.
As for the sexiest ladies? Scarlett Johansson came in at No. 2, followed by Jennifer Lawrence, Kristen Stewart, Anne Hathaway, Emma Stone and Mila Kunis.

“It’s a great result for British stars, but what’s clear is that it’s less important to have lots of casual fans and better to have a dedicated hard-core,” said James Dyer, editor of “The Cumberbabes, Hiddlestoners, Twi-hards and Cavilliers all made their opinions heard! This list also reflects the continuing popularity of superhero movies: six of the top ten men have played superheroes and five of the top ten women have appeared in comic-book movies.”

“I find it all a little odd, but I’m flattered nonetheless,” said Benedict Cumberbatch I bet. “Oh, my! That’s so sweet!” said Emma Watson I BET. So, were they the ones you chose? Are you happy to see that New Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston, didn’t beat out Original Benedict Cumberbatch, Benedict Cumberbatch? How shitty do you think Ryan Gosling feels? Isn’t Emma Watson beautiful? Don’t you wish that our whole lives were spent participating in polls about the sexiness of celebrities? Aren’t you still feeling weird about space? IS ANYONE OUT THERE? HELLOOOO?!