Best New Party Game: Song Lyrics Into Breaking Bad Song Lyrics

I’m not finished talking about Breaking Bad yet! It’s the Monday after the series premiere, I think we still have a few (pre-government shutdown) hours during which we could discuss it and still feel like what we’re discussing is relevant, and I think we should take them. As Badfinger’s “Baby Blue” played during the last scene of Breaking Bad’s final episode, I wondered about all the poor artists with the word “blue” in their song titles that were never given a place during the series. The Velvet Underground’s “Pale Blue Eyes” and LeAnn Rimes’s “Blue” came to my mind. Bob Dylan’s “It’s All Over Now Baby Blue” was discussed in the episode’s comment thread. Those poor guys! I bet every week they were waiting by their televisions, feeling like they KNEW that this week was their week. “He’s out of the meth game, now’s my time!” LeAnn told her friends, I bet. Poor babies. But the on-the-nose music choices of the finale also gave me an idea for a party game: song lyrics into Breaking Bad song lyrics! And who doesn’t love a good, fairly involved party game? Let me show you how it’s done: 

  • “Sometimes I feel so happy / sometimes I feel so sad / sometimes I feel so happy / but mostly you just Break me Bad / Walt-y, you just Break me Bad.” -The Velvet Underground, “Pale Blue Eyes”
  • “Just yesterday evening they let me know you were gone / Breaking Bad, the plans Vince made put an end to you.” -James Taylor, “Fire and Rain”
  • “Goodbye, blue-by tuesday / who could hang Walt’s blame on you? / when you give me more anxiety with every new episode / still I’m gonna miss you.” -Rolling Stones, “Ruby Tuesday”
  • “Jesse, I will cut fresh flowers for you / Jesse, I will make the wine cold for you / Jesse, I will change the sheets for you / I will put on cologne / I will sit by the phone for you / CALL ME, JESSE.” -Carly Simon, “Jesse”