This Week In Comedy Open Thread

Parks and Recreation is back! Ugh, it’s so nice to see all of our beautiful friends with their perfect skin again, one of them now much thinner than he used to be. The hour-long premiere introduced a lot of new elements to the series: Ron is married now, with a baby on the way; Ann and Chris also have a baby on the way; Tom found out that his competitor is Jean-Ralphio and Mona Lisa’s dad; and Ron shared, I hope, a character-altering idea with Leslie — that she isn’t doing her job to be thought well of and thanked by everyone. Parks and Recreation, though it is wonderful, can feel stuck sometimes on the fact that its characters have changed since the first season. It’s always nice to see April, for example, exhibit some sweetness and heart, but that has now been a part of her character for a number of seasons. It’s not a big complaint, really, but it can sometimes feel like the show doesn’t necessarily know where it wants to take its characters. So, it will be nice if Ron’s words to Leslie do affect her outlook and the way she does her job, and do cause her character to grow. Get some fresh change blood pumping. Otherwise, all I have to say about the episode was that it was very enjoyable and I am happy that show is back! Did you watch The Michael J. Fox Show? I didn’t, but only because I didn’t have time to. I want to watch it. How was it? TELL ME! Let’s take a jump and then talk about other shows

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is still finding its footing, sort of. Honestly, it pretty much seems to have a good handle on its footing already. It’s kind of crazy how it’s already a good show? When’s the last time a sitcom was a good show pretty much right away? Friends? Was it Friends?! Is Brooklyn Nine-Nine the new Friends?!?! OMG. I liked this week’s New Girl. Even though we all, at this point, have a good handle on who “Schmidt” is and how he will act, Max Greenfield continues to play him in a way that is just so funny and somehow surprising. The love triangle plot continues, UNFORCH. Winston’s puzzle was a cat this week, which was great and the fact that it was another weird throw-away plotline hardly even made me upset. (“You smoke? I’m just kidding. But man, that’d be cute if you did.”) All good. Good ep. The Mindy Project was kind of enjoyable again, but we said goodbye to Dr. James Franco. Can The Mindy Project be kind of enjoyable without Dr. James Franco’s presence?! WE’LL SEE! It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia was classic and very funny, and the references to their past video schemes at the end of their current video scheme was kind of oddly sweet. I was unable to watch The League, though I’m sure it, again, would have made me nervous. WHAT DID YOU THINK OF SHOWS?