This Week In Comedy Open Thread

I had a dream last night that Pee-wee Herman had a new show that was basically Brooklyn Nine-Nine except he was the chief, and his office was decorated with a bunch of stuff from Pee-wee’s Playhouse. I can tell you that I liked a bunch of the shows this week, including Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but I did not like any of them NEARLY as much as I liked this Pee-wee Herman cop comedy dream show. (I even dreamt about writing this blog post and raving about how much I enjoyed it, which is kind of sad, but also it was a dream about watching a TV show which is even sadder, LOL.) Anyway, hey, shows are back! Pretty genius how TV timed the return of the shows to the return of early nighttime darkness and cold weather. How do they do it?! Brooklyn Nine-Nine had its premiere, and I enjoyed it. It’s always difficult to judge a comedy from its pilot, and that held true with this pilot, as this pilot was almost exclusively just people explaining characters to other people, but it was promising! I liked all of the characters! And there are so many people involved that we trust to provide us with smiles and laughs! I don’t know about you, but I marked it as a Will Watch And Root For. This week’s Mindy Project was actually pretty good, I thought. I was not a fan of it last season, but there were a few good laughs in this ep. (“Who’s going to explain Colbert to me? I mean, is he a real guy?”) New Girl, unfortunately, was okay but not great. I read an interview with Elizabeth Meriwether who said, when asked about Winston’s role in the upcoming season, that they were going to explore more of Winston’s “weirdness,” which I hope will not continue to mean just giving him C plots where he fixates on something strange. He is so funny and I kind of getting a little sick of the failings of the other people! It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia was great, Charlie’s first song was very funny. The League mostly just made me nervous. And Comedy Bang Bang’s musical episode was a delight. WHAT DID YOU THINK? What other comedy is on that I missed? Should I watch that comedy? Tell me!