Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Listen, I know we already had Petting Zoo today, but can you please just relax about the rules for once in your life and take a look at this dog Vine?! It’s the best! -Dlisted
  • Simon Pegg reveals the truth about Benedict Cumberbatch. -TastefullyOffensive
  • The Hollywood Reporter has a piece up today about how Saturday Night Live found its five new cast members. Can you believe they were all hiding in a cave? So weird. Took a very long time. -THR
  • You can watch a pitch trailer, whatever that is, for Jurassic World if you want to. It’s very bad. If the movie is anything like this pitch trailer, well, I just don’t even know what. -/Film
  • NextMovie put together a video about creepy drawings kids have made in movies. They’ve really made a lot of them! -NextMovie
  • I just love imagining this headline being shouted by the ANGRIEST nerd: “JJ Abrams mysterious trailers are for A BOOK!!!!?!” -FilmDrunk