Best New Party Game: Friends-Themed Anti-David Schwimmer Graffiti

Oh, no. Our old Friend Ross moved into a beautiful, historic East Village town house and then knocked it down to build a different, non-historic townhouse, and people are maaaaaaaad. ROSS! From the New York Post:

Instead of rolling out the welcome mat, neighbors have taken to leaving the “Friends” star not-so-subtle notes about his nearly completed, six-story digs on East Sixth Street.

“Ross is not cool,” read one message emblazoned across a construction board this week — referring to the name of his quirky sitcom character.

The graffiti work — which was scrubbed away by workers soon after photos were posted on the East Village blog Monday — is the latest in a series of local protests against Schwimmer and his luxe, 9,000-square-foot manse.

Schwimmer bought the property, a five-story 1852 town house described as “one of the finest homes in the East Village,” for $4.1 million in 2010 — and then reduced it to rubble just months after the city notified him that the building could get landmark status by the end of 2012.

Hahahahahaaaaaaaaawwwwwwww. Ross! C’mon, man. Ross would never destroy an historical building. You big dope. What would Rachel think?! “Oh, did you tell the town house you were on a break with it, too?” That’s probably exactly what she would think. BUT WHAT DO YOU THINK?! Please take this time, and take our graffiti-less photo of the East Village’s anti-David Schwimmer graffiti, to express your anti-David Schwimmer feelings in graffiti that references Friends. I will go first.

Hahah. WHY DON’T I DO MORE GRAFFITI?! (Doing that was actually kind of a pain, so PLZ feel free to just type in your graffiti.) (Like the pros!) (Thanks for the tip, Frank Lloyd Wrong!)