How Was Everyone’s Day Today?

I’m currently sitting in a cafe near a 30-something grown-up man wearing a sweater with cats stitched into it, so you can tell how MY day is going. (That’s a lie, you can’t, I just told you a meaningless detail, but it is a detail that has been putting me at an unnecessary level of unease for the past hour or so! That’s the truth!) But no matter how man grown men with an incorrect sense of what is and is not okay, as far as sweaters go, we’re sitting near, we’re CERTAINLY not having a better day than the Wahlbergs, whose Wahlburgers chain of burger restaurants has recently expanded to Canada! Hahah. Hooray Wahlburgers! From the LA Times:

The new restaurant, at Toronto’s SoHo Metropolitan Hotel, will open in early 2014, the company said Wednesday. The original Wahlburgers in Hingham, Mass., was founded in 2011 with Paul Wahlberg as the executive chef.

This is just the latest move for the family-run concept. The Wahlbergs have also been filming a reality TV show on the premises.

The Wahlbergs are also looking to add locations in neighborhoods in Boston and the surrounding suburban Boston area.

The drinks menu features boozy “adult frappes” with names like “Funky Monkey” and “Fluffanuttahh.”

Ugh, “boozy.” I will forgive the term “boozy” in reference to something having to do with Wahlburgers, of course, they’re the Wahlbergs and they deserve everything, but that is the ONLY time I will EVER forgive the term “boozy.” Gross. Just stop it. Say something else, the thing you’re saying makes me mad. (Also do not say “veggies.”) (“I had a really boozy brunch, so I have to go home and eat some veggies.”) (CAN YOU IMAGINE?) Anyway, what? Oh. How was your day? I hope not bad! Tell me about it! (Via RatsOff, FilmDrunk)