Here Are Some Morning Links!

  • Here are six new posters for Ducktails, from Mondo. Sure. -/Film
  • Jake Johnson talked to The Playlist about Drinking Buddies and his background in improv. I suggest reading it, and also going to see Drinking Buddies! I saw it, it was good! -ThePlaylist
  • Bob’s Burgers showrunner Loren Bouchard talked to the A.V. Club about Bob’s Burgers’s third season. Ugh, I can’t wait ’til that show comes baaaack. -AVClub
  • Hey: You have one more week to watch a million James Bond movies on Netflix Instant before they expire. It’s none of my business whether you want to or you don’t, but I wanted to let you know. -Movies
  • Alec Baldwin pushed a member paparazzi against a car because he was taking photos of Baldwin’s wife, who has recently given birth. Can you imagine? People following you and taking photos of your family? EVEN IF you are a nightmare? Let’s not get famous, seriously. -Dlisted
  • Simon Pegg talked a bit about the meaning of the end of The World’s End with i09. -i09
  • Ridley Scott’s Exodus has added a number of people, including our very own (my very own) Aaron Paul. -Variety