The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

There is a video of a dog skateboarding hidden somewhere within this countdown (it’s number two) (I’m sorry, ahhhhh, I spoiled it!) and it reminds me of a dog I used to be friends with who also skateboarded, and it makes me wonder: Why are dogs naturally good at skateboarding? Why aren’t humans as naturally good at skateboarding as dogs are? Is it because we’re not as low to the ground? Is it because our legs move too much? It’s a smart question and I should feel proud for even asking it, I know, but I’m still sad that I don’t know the answer. Maybe, did dogs invent skateboarding and humans stole it from them? And dogs are just sitting at home thinking, “What the fuck, we invented that because we’re all good at it, and now you guys are going to take it and popularize it when only SOME of you are good at it?” I don’t know. It’s just a theory. Anyway, LET’S GET TO THESE ANIMAL VIDEEEEOOOS!

10. Baby Crocodile Petting

9. Ducklings Falling Asleep On A Guy’s Shoulder

8. Dog Plays Fetch Using A Stream In A Way That Is Smart And Adorable But Also Will Make You Sad If You Project Too Much Onto It

7. Cockatoo Gets Down

6. Dog Door Surprise

5. Baby Hippo

4. Toy Dog Massages Shiba Inu

3. Man And Chihuahua Do Yoga


1. Baby Panda Reunited With Mother