CBS Is Developing A Wizard Of Oz-Themed WHAT? (Medical Drama)

You wake up in a hospital bed. You barely remember what got you there, though you still feel a bit shaken from whatever it was. Was it a car accident? No…you don’t think so. Did you get jumped while walking home at night? Hmm…no. Your doctor comes in and you ask her, “Doc, what happened to me?” She picks up your chart, stares at it for a moment, and calls a nurse in. You close your eyes expecting the worst. While your eyes remain closed, she hollers for two more nurses to bring you some lunch and change your bedpan. Why is it taking so long for her to tell you what’s wrong? You open one eye and, wait, WHAT?! THERE’S A SCARECROW CHANGING YOUR BEDPAN?! A LION LOOKING AT YOUR CHART?!!? A TIN MAN ATTEMPTING TO CARRY IN A TRAY OF LUNCH?! WWHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA NO WONDER WHY IT’S TAKING SO LONG! From Deadline:

The producers who brought Sherlock Holmes to New York for CBS, are doing the same with some other classic literary characters. CBS has put in development Dorothy, a drama project from Elementary executive producers Carl Beverly and Sarah Timberman. The project, from CBS TV Studios where Timberman/Beverly Prods. is based, is described as a medical soap based in New York City inspired by the characters and themes from The Wizard of Oz. Emily Fox (Ghost Whisperer) will write the script and executive produce with Beverly and Timberman.

Uh. What? So it’s about four people and each one of them has a flaw in common with one of the main characters in the Wizard of Oz, I guess? You couldn’t just PICK NEW FLAWS? “Well, I want to make a medical drama, but I wish some character traits were already laid out for me. I’m willing to stretch.” What is this world?! We have already gone around too many times with the old ideas, so now we have to vaguely layer the old ideas on top of other boring done-to-death ideas, in order to have some Frankenstein’s monster of old ideas? Okay. WE THROW UP OUR HANDS, CBS. Who should play the Dorothy just kidding let’s go back to bed!