How Was Everyone’s Day Today?

How was your day today? HUMP DAY! Right?! At the very least, even if your day was bad, even if you spilled coffee on your nicest shirt, even if you fell down the steps and your crush was waiting at the bottom and when you were standing up your shoes made a noise that sounded like a fart, EVEN IF you got fired from a job that you didn’t like but you did want to keep because in this economy you can’t be too picky, EVEN IF!!!! you thought something was going to come in the mail and it didn’t: it is still hump day. And for that we can be grateful. And I know of someone who is certainly grateful for his hump day, and that is Mr. Leonardo DiCaprio. From People:

The 38-year-old actor, who once played an aviator on the big screen, proved he could fly in real life when he hopped on a Flyboard in Ibiza on Wednesday.

With a serious look on his face, DiCaprio appears to be very focused as water power propels him above the waves. Flyboard, which is similar to a wakeboard is connected to turbines and water jets, launches the rider into the air and allows him to float in a controlled fashion.

Though he’s yet to play a waterman, DiCaprio’s next role is just as daring. He appears in Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street, which opens Nov. 15.

Though he’s yet to play a waterman, what the fuck are you talking about, People Magazine. Hahaha. I cannot wait for Leonardo to someday land the role of a waterman. It’s like, how many Academy Awards does a guy have to be nominated for before he gets to play a waterman?! So stupid. Hollywood is so stupid. But hey so anyway, HOW WAS YOUR DAY?! (Via RichardLawson.)