How Are You Celebrating The O.C.‘s Tenth Anniversary?

Happy tenth anniversary to you, happy tenth anniversary to you, happy tenth anniversary dear The O.C., happy tenth anniversary to you! And many mooooore (tenth anniversaries)! Did you know it was The O.C.‘s tenth anniversary today?! Uh-oh. I hope you got The O.C. a gift! If you’re about to say that you didn’t but that it’s okay because The O.C. didn’t get you a gift either, and that your love for each other is gift enough, I’d like to remind you that The O.C. DID get you a gift, and that gift is its legacy. (PS: How dare you.) Seth Cohen is still out there listening to Modest Mouse and sailing and kissing Summer on top of a table and doing whatever else it is that Seth Cohen does, and that is ALL FOR YOU. Truly the greatest gift of all. Luckily you have all day to plan your anniversary party for tonight! (Though you better send out the Facebook invites now. There is probably a lot of party competition and you are almost as late as you possibly could be to the game.) So what are you going to do? Pin the death on the Marissa? Spiked bagel punch? Are The Shins going to come over and play a song for you and your pals? Seth Cohen sailboat appetizer platter? (Admittedly, The O.C. was never really one of my “shows,” so my knowledge of it is a bit thin.) I do know that you will have to say, “WELCOME TO THE O.C. ANNIVERSARY PARTY, BITCH!” when you guests enter — I do know that. To get our own party started, I’ve gathered a collection of The O.C. YouTube clips. And here you probably thought I didn’t know how to throw a good party. Ugh. You are 0 for 2. #california #california #herewecome

BAGELS! (Thanks for the tip, Lizz!)