Duh Aficionado Magazine: Benedict Cumberbatch Is A “Sex God”

OH, GIRLS. Buckle your sex belts (that’s okay to say, right?) because I have some scientific information from, for whatever reason, that you are not going to want to ignore! Via ONTD:

Behavioural Psychologist Jo Hemmings and body language and behaviour expert Judi James tell how Cumberbatch’s body language and facial expressions give us clues as to why he’s so popular…

JH: “Whether he’s playing Sherlock Holmes, another role or just being himself, Cumberbatch’s body language is guarded, yet rich in expression. No extraneous flamboyant gestures for this man. Every move he makes and every look he gives seem direct and to the point.”

JJ: “Cumberbatch was a taste you had to acquire. I think acquiring him as a taste makes you feel just a little bit superior. It’s like drinking a fine wine or eating a piece of Stilton. It might not be great at first but after a while you feel immensely smart and superior that you do actually prefer him.”

JH: “His gestures and facial expressions are both purposeful and powerful. That combined with his strong and intriguing (almost asexual features) and deep, purring, authoritative voice make him a sex god – especially in a world seemingly filled of shallow and pretty boy band types.”

“I might not be great at first, but after a while you’ll feel like you prefer me and you’ll know I am a sex god.” – Benedict Cumberbatch. I’m not sure if we should be particularly impressed by a psychologist and body language expert telling us what is attractive about Benedict Cumberbatch, as we too have eyes and ears and a heart, but, they did get it right! Right? And what is the Internet if not a place to get information that confirms your own beliefs?! IT’S TRUE, MY LADIES! BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH. IS. A. SEX GOD! #science #factsonly